Stephen Norwood

Stephen Norwood joined the team at Allied Rock as quarry manager shortly after Allied’s acquisition of the X-Rock Quarry. A self-proclaimed “city type”, the majority of Stephen’s early work experience was in the restaurant field. His first foray into mining and heavy equipment was for Viesko Quality Concrete, where he worked for two years as a loader operator and ground man trainer. Wanting to expand his experience, Stephen came to Allied Rock in September 2017.

Stephen grew up in Southeast Georgia. As a kid, he enjoyed playing outside. He was very shy in high school, but by senior year decided he needed to break out of his shell and leave school “with a bang”. He tried out for the basketball team and ended up as a starter for one of the best varsity teams in the state. Six months after graduation, Stephen traveled to Oregon just to visit, and never left.

Now approaching the age of 30, Stephen says he has acquired a broad variety of skills since moving to Oregon. He’s always looking to better himself and likes reading to learn new things. He feels that working for Allied Rock gives him an opportunity not only to test out what he’s learned, but to expand his knowledge even more. In addition to reading, Stephen enjoys shooting, playing basketball (even though he says he is way out of shape), and going out with friends. The majority of his personal time is spent with his two boys and talking on the phone with his parents and brother.