X-Rock Quarry Products

Allied Rock acquired the X-Rock Quarry

Decorative Rock

$.11/lb or $215/ton – Crushed quarry rocks in a variety of sizes for rock gardens, flowerbed borders, and more.

Landscape Boulders

$.11/lb or $215/ton – Larger crushed quarry rocks for rock walls, borders, embankments, and large hardscapes.

Natural Basalt “Birdbath” Rocks

$.20/lb or $395/ton – Also known as “dish rocks”, they have a variety of uses, including birdbaths, fountains, outdoor seating, etc.

Natural Basalt Columns

$.20/lb or $395/ton – A result of the cooling process of lava, these natural phenomena make for impressive landscape décor.

Pond Rocks

$.11/lb or $215/ton – Flatter rocks and boulders for stacking around ponds and other focal points.

Not sure how much product to get?

This calculator will help you calculate how many yards of material you’ll need for the job. First measure the length and width of the area you want to cover. Then decide how deep you'd like coverage to be.