Dirt Products

Fill Dirt

$8.56/ton – Composed of dirt, rocks, sticks, and other debris for large fill areas.

Imported Fill

$6.00/yard – We accept dirt, concrete and asphalt (Discount available with purchase of comparable amount of rock)


$23.91/ton – High quality soil for landscaping and gardens (14 ton minimum)


$23.91/ton – For gardens, flowerbeds, and planters (14 ton minimum)

50/50 Topsoil/Compost Blend

$32.46/ton – For gardens, flowerbeds, and new lawns (14 ton minimum)

Please visit Siegmund Landscape Supply for pricing on smaller quantities.

Not sure how much product to get?

This calculator will help you calculate how many yards of material you’ll need for the job. First measure the length and width of the area you want to cover. Then decide how deep you'd like coverage to be.