Allied Rock's Delivery Tips

Delivery Tips for Your Next Load from Allied Rock

Whether it’s for a commercial job or for your home, you want your rock products to arrive at the right time, in the right quantity, ready for use. Allied Rock’s delivery tips will make ordering products for your next project simple and accurate, with helpful tips and an easy-to-use measurement tool.

Allied Rock's Delivery Tips

Ordering the Right Amount of Product for the Job

Take the guesswork out of ordering with Allied Rock’s handy calculator. Simply plug in the size of the project in length and width (in feet), and depth (in inches) and the system will automatically calculate the cubic yards you’ll need for a beautiful spread of rock. A single dump truck carries approximately 11 cubic yards of material, while a truck with a transfer trailer carries approximately 24 cubic yards.

Allied Rock's Delivery Tips

Choosing the Correct Rock

Our crushed quarry rock comes in a variety of sizes, from ¾” minus, to large boulders, and occasionally smaller sizes may be available. The most common size used for driveways, parking lots and RV pads is ¾” minus. (This refers to the largest rocks in the pile being ¾” in diameter and “minus” indicating smaller rocks and fine dust in the pile.) Quarry rock without fines, also called “open rock,” doesn’t compact as well and river rock won’t compact on flat driveways or steep grades due to its rounded edges.

Allied Rock's Delivery Tips

Pricing Considerations

Delivery pricing varies by location, size and quantity of rock and is calculated by the ton, so it’s impossible to know the exact total until the truck is loaded for delivery. Our dispatchers are happy to provide a quote within an approximate range of your final charge.

Allied Rock's Delivery Tips

Scheduling a Delivery

Don’t wait until the last minute to place your order! Allied Rock trucks are busy all year ’round and we are typically scheduling 2-5 days in advance or as much as two weeks during our very busy spring and fall seasons. Orders for boulders, or “rip-rap,” can take up to three weeks, as they require individual sorting and loading (Single boulders can be purchased and picked up from Siegmund Landscape Supply).

Type of Delivery

Our trucks have the capability of spreading only in the ruts, or “track/rut” spread, leaving the center of your driveway clear. Be sure to tell the dispatcher if you need your driveway track spread, so the truck can be prepped before being loaded.

Allied Rock's Delivery Tips

Preparing the Delivery Site

Be aware of obstructions along all sides of the area that could make delivery to the jobsite difficult. Standard dump trucks require at least 25 feet of overhead clearance from power lines, building eaves and branches to enable the box to fully extend. Gates, fences, utility stations, ditches, culverts, sidewalks, retaining walls, and other obstacles could also be an issue for the truck. Such obstructions could result in having to dump the rock in a single pile or foregoing the delivery of your rock altogether.

If your driveway or delivery area has ruts or thick mud, you may need to consider having the area graded before ordering rock, or simply filling in the area with a larger rock before capping it with ¾” minus. Our dispatchers can sometimes make suggestions based on their personal knowledge, but it may be best to consult a local contractor first to determine if grading is needed.

Communicate Special Instructions Beforehand

Allied Rock’s team of drivers are highly skilled in spreading rock, but you may still have to do some of the work by hand, due to overhead obstructions, driveway conditions, rain, freezing temperatures and even rock size that could hinder the spreading process. Be sure to alert the dispatcher or driver if there are any potential hazards or if the space is too small to allow the truck to turn around. The driver can be instructed to back down your driveway and can also discuss any potential issues with you.

Allied Rock's Delivery Tips

Plan Ahead for Your Next Allied Rock Delivery

Finally, be proactive! Don’t wait until your driveway is a muddy mess to call for rock because regular maintenance can save you money in the long run. Schedule your next rock delivery now so the rock has time to compact for optimum functionality. Some driveways require regular grading, while others can simply be covered with a fresh layer of rock to get them through the wet Oregon weather.

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